The Great Tandem Bicycle Hunt

I’ll let you know if we find a tandem as cool as this!

It’s been educational for me to watch Kovas wheel and deal in his seemingly never-ending search for a tandem bicycle.  We decided we absolutely needed to add a tandem to our bicycle repertoire a few years ago when we saw an adorable couple with baskets on their tandem riding home from the grocery store.  “I want one!” came out of both of our mouths simultaneously.  Done.  Except not because we’ve been searching since then.  What’s the big deal?  Well, a few things.  First, we aren’t looking to spend, oh, more than $150 since this is a tooling around town tandem, not a performance tandem.  Second, we have what we call “tall person’s curse.”  Me being 5’11” and Kovas being 6’2″ means the standard, i.e. average, tandem size is too small.  Sigh, yes, it’s the story of our lives. We’re just too tall for this world.  I won’t even start on my big feet…I’m convinced someday the world will get taller too and then it won’t be such a chore to find bicycles let alone shoes.  In any case, I enjoy watching Kovas be picky about a $150 tandem bicycle because one would think for that price beggars can’t be chosers.  But when you’re Kovas and a bicycle geek on top of that, beggars can be chosers.  I imagine one of these days I’ll come home to a beautiful new tandem bicycle that is top of the line because that’s just the way Kovas is.  Bicycles are art to him, and if you can have a good bike, then have a good bike for goodness’ sakes!  My only concern is that he’ll want to ride down for Mexican food when we have the tandem in hand.  I definitely do not want to be riding in the back seat of the tandem after a Mexican dinner…might be I’ll just take the front on the ride home…


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