Our New Addition

Well, we did it!  We got ourselves a tandem!  Kovas calls her Ol’ Blue, but I think she deserves a more respectful name because I’m pretty sure she’s more marriage counselor than bicycle.  We just took her for a spin around a few blocks and I swear I felt as though I was learning how to ride a bicycle all over again!  First, Ol’ Blue is a cruiser and, well, I’ve never ridden a cruiser bike in my life.  It even has a cushy bicycle seat complete with springs so that with every pedal stroke you kind of feel your butt cheek bob up and down rhythmically. Second, balance is a different beast when you’ve got a 6’2″, 180-lb person sharing the same two-wheeled metal frame.  And then there’s the communication…if you’ve ever felt like you just don’t communicate well in your relationship, get a tandem.  If you’ve got control issues, the back seat is for you.  If you feel like your partner just doesn’t respect you, grab the captain’s seat and take the wheel, er, handlebars.

So we took turns trying front and back.  On the one hand, sitting in front means you get full control: steering, braking, shifting.  Even the views are better.  Yet, it also means a whole heck of a lot more responsibility.  There’s that communication thing again…  “AHHH, Erika, were you going to tell me we were turning?”  “Kovai, there’s a stop sign.  Are you going to stop?”  “Hey!  Are you even pedaling back there?”

Now, the back seat is cush.  You just sit and pedal and let your captain make all the decisions.  Okay, it’s way harder to relinquish control than it sounds.  What do you mean I don’t get to slow down if I want to?  What do you mean I have to pedal at his pace?

Our newest bicycle addition! Pogo approves.

I admit I like control of my immediate environment, which is why I’m dedicated to making our tandem marriage work.  I will take the back seat and keep my mouth shut.  Unless we’re in immediate danger of course.

…but we’ll switch on the ride home, right???


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