Calling All Bikemaniacs…VeloSwap!

I was away this weekend visiting my two favorite women – my best friends from college – so I left Kovas to entertain himself.  Mid-morning on Saturday I got a call from him asking what size I wear, and in the background all I heard was a whole lot of commotion.  “Where are you and why do you need to know my size?”  “I’m at VELOSWAP!”  Oh yes, VeloSwap.  How could I forget?  It’s the event Kovas waits for all year, where all bike geeks from around Denver (and probably Colorado) gather in one place to wallow in bike stuff.  I admit that I don’t love crowds in small places, but I am always heartened by the sight of all those cyclists in one place.  I guess I feel good knowing the sport – whether you just like to to tool around on your cruiser or race up Vail Pass – is alive and well…TV and fast food haven’t taken us over yet!


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