Snow Bikes

Woo hoo!  It snowed!  Ok, it’s our second snow this season down in Denver, but this latest one is even colder and fluffier, which means winter is almost here (I’m sure we’ll have several more balmy days) and with it…sno-ice biking!  You thought I was going to say skiing, right?  Well, of course with snow comes skiing, but that’s a given and really only happens up in the mountains, but what do we bicycle commuters do down in Denver when it snows?  We bundle up, exhume our warmest lobster mittens (Spock mittens) from the depths of our winter clothing accessories, and start practicing our balance.  Denver is the best place to practice sno-ice biking because the city never plows snow from the streets.  It’s so sunny here that usually the stuff melts within a day, except of course the north-facing areas.  Those streets and sidewalks become icy death traps after a few weeks of thaw-freeze-thaw-freeze-thaw-freeze.  It’s amazing how Denverites just take it – no complaints.  Unless you are a Chicago transplant like me.  Then there is a little complaining.  In any case, as an optimist, I like to look on the bright side of these icy death traps.  Truly, there is nothing like riding a skinny tire over an ice patch to test your balance (and nerves).  Come springtime, after a long winter of snow biking, I’ll be a powerhouse of stability – yoga on wheels.  And hopefully this year I’ll make it through with fewer bruises…


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