Maiden Voyage

So we finally took our tandem out for a real ride (not just around the block) all the way downtown (1.5 miles) and even managed to get a flat tire on the way home.

It was really fun!  I jumped in back since I’m still pretty wary of the steering mechanism on that bike.  Despite the feeling that we were like an elephant trying to stand up whenever we got rolling from a stop, I loved sharing the experience with Kovas and being able to hold a normal conversation as we rolled.  It was nice just to pedal along and not worry about steering and stopping and stuff.  Kovas is quite good about communicating exactly what’s happening.  “Stopping.”  “Coasting.”  “Turning right.”  We had a good laugh when I accidentally went into “coast mode” at one point because that’s probably what I would have done had I been driving myself.  “Erika, you can’t just stop pedaling!”  Oops.

I started thinking seriously about how fun tandem bicycle touring would be.  Imagine: being able to talk really easily, especially when the road gets long and boring, being able to take photos (if you’re in the back), having someone to share the pain when climbing a major mountain pass, being able to check the map without stopping (again, if you’re in back).  But that’s somewhere down the road (ha! punny!).  For now we’ll just enjoy cruising around town.  What was really fun was the obvious joy we brought to passersby.  I don’t think we passed a single person, pedestrian or car driver, who didn’t smile at us.  Actually, I don’t think we did pass a single person or car, but everyone who passed us definitely sent a smile our way.  Or maybe they were just laughing at us, but either way, I can die happy knowing I’ve added a little more joy to the world.  Not bad for a day’s work.


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