Hardcore…or Diehard?

We couldn’t help ourselves.  We had to go for one last mountain bike ride before the snow really hit.  Denver’s Front Range is pretty rideable most of the year, but the mountains?  Not so much.  We have a favorite mountain bike ride that takes us up to the top of Jones Pass (elev. 12,673 ft).  Pogo (our hyperactive dog) loves it because he can run for miles and still not sniff and pee on every bush and tree.  So yesterday it was nice enough in Denver and supposedly not terribly cold in the mountains, so we decided to take our chances and try to squeeze Jones Pass in before the season officially ended.  Jones Pass is a popular area for backcountry skiers, but summer and fall are great riding for the views and the tough climb.  At the top you can continue onto the Continental Divide Trail, head down another set of jeep roads, or just enjoy the long descent back to your car.  It’s well deserved!

Not surprisingly, when we got to the trailhead there was snow.  The jeep road was packed well enough that it covered up every rock and dip, leaving a nice, smooth, albeit slippery ride.  Well goodness, we’d driven all that way, so we were sure as heck going to ride that Pass.  However, by the time we hit 11,000 feet we had ridden over enough snow pack and ice to know that we were in for a real treat up ahead.  Sadly, we didn’t make it to the top this time around…the road became impassible and that very ugly snowstorm brewing above made us decide it was time to pack it in for the season and prep our skis instead.  Pogo, however, managed to run himself into a seriously deep sleep on the car ride home.


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