The Pogo Song

Yesterday for my birthday Kovas and I went mountain biking (surprise!) with Pogo.  We rode a jeep road loop near Idaho Springs, and while the ride itself was fantastic, though incredibly taxing (I always like a good tough ride on my birthday to remind myself how young I am), my real post is not about the cycling but about the dog.  🙂  You see, Pogo loves loves loves horses.  He takes after me, I guess, because I love horses.  I introduced him to the horses I ride just a couple of weeks ago, and while at first he was terrified of those 1000-lb beasts, within a matter of minutes he was jumping up to horse-eye-level, nipping at their bridles, and, much to my terror, running circles around their hind legs.  He’s a quick little bugger, but as curious as a cat, and once, before I could yell “NO!”, Pogo darted behind one of the horses, nipped his hind heel as if to say, “Play with me already!” and dodged the swift kick that grazed his thick skull by mere centimeters.

I thought that gave him enough of a scare to learn that horses’ hind legs are not play areas, so when we rode into an expansive field with three grazing horses on our ride yesterday, I never expected him to bolt toward the first horse he saw and repeatedly kamikaze dive bomb the poor creature until our desperate “NOs!” finally hit home and he trotted back towards us.  But, hullo!  What’s this?  A delicious pile of horse poop?  And that’s when the Pogo Song was born:

Nose to the ground, Nose to the ground

My name is Pogo and look what I found!

It smells like poop and it’s nice and round…

I think I’ll roll so I smell profound!


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