My husband…the framebuilder!

I took Kovas to the airport late last night for his flight out to Ashland, Oregon where he’ll be spending the next two weeks learning how to build a titanium bicycle frame from scratch (from mitering to welding to finishing) at the United Bicycle Institute (UBI).  This has been his bicycle geek dream since forever or even longer, and he’s been on the wait list for several iterations of this class (meaning, I have no idea how long!).  In August he got an email saying there was an opening for the November/December class.  I’ve never seen him dial his mobile phone so quickly!  From what I understand, Kovas will be spending the next two weeks learning everything there is to know about building a titanium bicycle frame, and he’ll leave with his very own frame that he built!  He’s already a stellar custom bicycle builder, meaning he acquires all the best parts and color coordinates them and throws his heart and soul into making an individual masterpiece for the lucky owner, but he could never claim that he built the bike itself…  He’s so excited about this adventure that he’s been taking TIG welding classes and practicing the last few weeks just so that he feels comfortable when he gets to that part of his course.  I’m happy that he’s following this dream and I told him I’d be blogging about his daily escapades for anyone who might be interested in what this is all about.  As for me, I can’t wait for him to build us a titanium touring bicycle…


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