Day 1 at UBI

Sounds like things are off to a great start!  So Kovas had his first day of bike building class and they threw him right into welding.  I guess it’s the most complicated piece of the whole puzzle, so all week they are doing the practice work and next week they start on the actual frame.  There are 6 people in his class (all guys) and two instructors for this week.  Each student gets his own machinery except for the huge machinery like the mitering equipment.  Otherwise, they each have their own welder, jig, etc.  Sounds like a really well-run class – Kovas says he’s learned more welding in one day than all the classes and self-practicing he’s done the last two months.  He’s really impressed with the quality of the instructors – they work in their trade and know it really well.  I imagine he’ll be pretty close to the other 5 guys in his class by the end of the two weeks, which is a great network to have in the custom frame world.


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