Days 2 & 3 at UBI

So from the general information I’m getting from Kovas, it’s welding, welding, and more welding.  The main instructor is Mike DeSalvo, famous for DeSalvo bikes.  Kovas describes him as, “Just so calm.  I don’t think ANYthing fazes that guy!”  He says that’s what makes him just so good at his job – being unflappable while welding titanium makes it a whole lot easier to get perfect welds I imagine.

As I mentioned in my last post, there are 5 other guys taking the class with Kovas.  3 Coloradans (including Kovas) and 3 Californians.  Surprisingly, there’s not much camaraderie amongst the guys even though they are with each other hour after hour for 10 days.  ‘Course, this is what I’m hearing on my end – there’s probably a whole lot of partying and late night welding that I’m not aware of!  😉  In truth, I would think that this group would be a good network to have in your back pocket as you try to perfect your skills and get into the frame building world.  If anything it helps to share ideas or share misery, right?


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