Day 6 at UBI – Chainstays

Titanium chainstayExciting news!  Kovas finished welding the front triangle of his frame!  (Seems exciting to me since I’ve been hearing so much about how difficult it is to get the welds just right).  The class was focusing on their chainstays and then I heard a whole lot of technical jargon and it flew over my head so I apologize.  Remember, I am the user, not the techie.  Then again, I am also the voice, though I admit I’m not voicing the techie stuff so well.  For all you non-techies out there, just trust me, it was a lot of jargon that I couldn’t repeat if I tried.  In fact, I’m impressed I remembered chainstay.”  Another thing I learned is that if you happen to be welding titanium, don’t try to fix a burn hole right away because the metal is too hot and you’ll just make a worse mess of it.  Rather, move on and come back to it.  You’ll probably be a lot calmer (fewer expletives) at this point as well.  This is applicable to most things in life, I’ve found.  Although, in Kovas’ words, “It’s so hard to leave a mistake unfixed!  You just want to make it right so you don’t have to be reminded that it’s there…”  Ah, yes, the words of a perfectionist!


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