Day 9 at UBI…Bridges and Braze-ons (come again???)

Ah, day 9 – things get a little more complicated because now I’m learning words that I guarantee I will never use again (at least not this year).

So the first task was to weld the bridge between the two seatstays.  From my own observations just looking at my mountain bike hanging in our garage, I can see just how awkward that kind of welding must be.  The bridge isn’t a big piece and the seatstays aren’t all that far apart, so getting your torch in there and creating a perfect weld looks like quite a challenge.  And with my big hands and long fingers, I can only imagine that I would get my fingers tangled up in the titanium welding wire or something and then be forever attached to my bicycle frame.  Scary.

The next task of the day was attaching all of the “braze-ons.”  What are braze-ons, for those of you out there like me who have no idea?  Well, those are the little thingys that look like add-ons to the frame that interrupt the fluidity of the tubes but are absolutely necessary for creating a working bicycle: cable stops, cable guides, and water bottle bosses to name a few.  Those tiny pieces have to be welded on individually in the right places so that they are actually useful.

This little thingy has to get welded to the frame…

And here is where they go.


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