The Frame…Number 1/1 of Kovas Designs Bicycles :)

***UPDATE:  I finally got a photo of The Frame from Kovas to post.  Ok…it’s more than the frame since he finished building it up a couple of weeks ago and has been riding it around town with great pride (photo is pre-riding and pre-dirty).

The Frame

The Frame

The FedEx delivery guy showed up on our doorstep with a massive box on Thursday morning.  After much sniffing, growling, and woofing, Pogo finally let the poor man shove the box through the door and give us the signature pad. Kovas’ eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning.  “My bike!  It’s here!”  He tore open the box and produced an honest-to-goodness titanium 29er bicycle frame that was just imperfect enough to know that it was hand made with love, sweat, and flu symptoms.  As he fully extracted the frame from the box, I suddenly realized I was able to see this frame in a brand new light.  For me, a bicycle frame has always just been a bunch of tubes welded together.  But since writing about Kovas’ class, I now know the terminology enough to get by in a crowd and had heard the stories about the difficulty and unique challenge each piece and process presented.  With that perspective, I was awed at just how great the frame looked.  I mean, for the first time?  It was beautiful!  ‘Course, when I said as much, my perfectionist artist husband proceeded to point out every single imperfection, burn mark, and place where “I screwed up.”  Maybe it’s just my nature, but I didn’t see any of those imperfections.  I saw the finished product of someone’s dedication and passion, someone who has studied bicycles, read every blog about bicycles, built up bicycles part by part after painstakingly tracking down each perfect piece, thrown his talents into start-up bicycle companies, and suffered broken ribs and bruised bones from bicycles.  This frame was the culmination of all that passion, and even if frame building isn’t his thing, I’m certain it’s the start of something really amazing.

And of course, that “something amazing” will have something to do with bicycles.



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