A Simple Matter of Anticipation

I enjoy the feeling the first few days of the new year.  The holidays are over, but the holiday feeling is mostly there.  People are still friendly, chatty, and hopeful in their resolutions – before they get bogged down again by work, life, and general stuff.  For me, the new year is less about resolutions and more about anticipations.  There’s just so much to look forward to!!!  In the immediate, January and February are the most stellar ski months of the year in Colorado, so bring on the snow!  Then comes spring, that delightful time of year when the breezes soften against your skin and tulips poke out of the cold ground.  This is also when the trails warm up and if it’s dry, you can take a spin on the old mountain bike again, warming up those muscles in anticipation for a summer filled with long, gnarly, epic adventures.

The question that remains, then, is where should our next cycle touring adventure be?  We’ve got a few ideas, but are really hoping to get away from the Atlantic side and try another part of the world.  I have a good friend getting married in Malaysia in October, so there’s a thought.  We also discussed riding some/most/part of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Race trail (not the race, the trail)…maybe starting in Banff and ending at home in Colorado?

If you have any suggestions or have ridden in Malaysia or the Continental (Great) Divide route, I welcome your thoughts, advice, warnings, or otherwise!



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