Introducing…More Fat!

Firstly, I feel that I need to apologize for being off the blogosphere the last few weeks.  Between Christmas, New Year’s, and spending more than a normal amount of time up in the mountains skiing, I’ve gotten a bit lazy.  Also, it’s hard to focus on bike stuff when snowsports are calling.  After all, cross-training is a very good thing for us cyclists (so agrees my IT Band), and since discovering my profound love for telemarking, I’m enjoying the good quad burn from 100s of lunges down the mountain.

Aha, but…now I know that simple snow is no longer an excuse for ceasing mountain biking (as you know, snow certainly doesn’t mean the end of my bicycle commuting down in Denver, but we’re talking mountains here).

As you read in one of my previous posts (see Fat! on 11/25/12), Kovas joined forces with two bicycle enthusiasts/semi-pro racers to create 38 Frameworks, a new Fat Bike company.  Their first fat bike was the first ever of its kind, a carbon fiber fat bike called the “Hogback.”  Now they are releasing an aluminum version…the “Jackalope.”  I know what you’re thinking…there are other aluminum fat bikes out there, so why should you consider this one?  Well, for one thing, 38 Frameworks bicycles are 100% engineered and manufactured right here in the USA at a price point that is seriously affordable.  On top of that, there are some really really cool design features that are one-of-a-kind to these fat bikes only, like their “38 Fat Crank,” a 100mm crankset that eliminates chain rub on fat tires.

Now, I’ve seen both bicycle prototypes (we had the honor of housing them in our living room for a few days) and they are FUN.  I never really thought much about fat bikes.  Frankly, I thought the concept was odd and that they look kind of bulldozer-y.  Now, though, after seeing them up close and personal and doing a little more research about their broad uses and their minimal effects on trails, especially on wetter/damp trails, I’m impressed.  I saw some fat bike treads on the snowy trails near Vail, CO last week and suddenly got the bug!

***Remember, riding wet trails is NEVER ok, but there are always irresponsible mountain bikers who can’t seem to get that concept, so they should ride fat bikes on those days to minimize their impact.***

In any case, you can take my word for it that these bikes are truly awesome, or you can check them out for yourselves.  38 Frameworks is taking orders for the Jackalope, or perhaps you want to go straight for the top with your very own carbon fiber Hogback?


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