2013 Winter Mountain Games…Calling all Flying Bicycles

Now…back to business!

This weekend is the 2013 Winter Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado.  While a lot of the “games” are not exactly

Wow!  Tele Tricks at the 2013 Winter Mountain Games

Wow! Tele Tricks at the 2013 Winter Mountain Games

spectator sports like x-country snowshoe races and the

like, we did catch our favorite event last night, “Tele Big Air.”  Being novice/intermediate tele skiers, we stood in awe of these unbelievable skiers hurtling down the mountain at breakneck speeds, hitting the massive ramp, and flying dozens of feet through the air doing 360s, flips, and all those other tricks that have names I don’t know, and then landing (sometimes) with perfect control of their free heels.  Dang, if I could just get my turns to look like theirs…

More amazing Tele Tricks!

More amazing Tele Tricks!

So the surprise for us was the addition of “Best Trick Bike” that went side-by-side with those crazy-awesome tele skiers.  So these were guys (and maybe some girls but I don’t recall seeing any) riding dirt jump bikes (and one on a downhill bike) that also hurtled down the mountain, hit a ramp, and flew through the air doing some kind of trick.  The real challenge was sticking the landing on a steep snowy slope (no studded tires).  It was a pretty rare feat to stick the landing in all honesty, and by the 10th competitor I’d had enough.  I like a fun, crazy event just as much as

Trick Bike on Snow

Trick Bike on Snow

the next person, but this felt downright gimmicky to me.  Mostly the dudes fell, sliding down the whole slope while their bikes stopped near the top, so we had to watch them scramble back up the slope to grab their bikes (which may have been the funniest part of the event) and slip and slide back down to the bottom.  After watching this over and over again it became a joke and a real bore.  Bring on more tele tricksters!

Sadly, the one event we did miss and really wanted to catch was the Fat Bike race.  Maybe next year Kovas can represent with a 38 Frameworks original!


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