In Like a Lion…

It’s March, and as the saying goes, it should come in like a lion and go out like a lamb, right?  Well, I think we’re experiencing a schizophrenic March this year seeing as we went from one of the best powder days of the year on March 1st to 45 degree drippy, melty, muddy March just two days later (and of course the mountains were hit with a snowstorm again last night).  In Colorado, March is an interesting month in general, and while it’s pretty normal  to have anything happen throughout the month, it does concern me that March 3rd already felt like March 31st.  But…to take the silver lining approach, spring means mountain biking season is fast arriving, and with the warmer days comes planning for our next big bike trip…riding the Tour Divide!

Now, we’re not racing it, thought maybe someday that’s in the cards.  Rather, we’re looking for an adventure this side of the pond this year just to shake things up a bit.  Plus, we thought we’d entertain the idea of a longer off-road trip.  We’re in the throes of planning, as this trip brings with it a whole new slop of logistical grenades that need to be diffused prior to launch.  In truth, what we’d really like to do is ride the Tour tandem, but seeing as our only tandem is a cruiser, that will have to wait until we can afford something really special (or until someone wants us to promote their custom design…hint hint).

If you’ve ridden the Tour Divide, I welcome your thoughts and advice.  Seems like an unparalleled adventure!


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