Top 3 Necessities for a Spring Cyclist

It’s Spring…we’re closing in on April, and since my last post, Denver has had more than 18 inches of snow.  That’s more than we’ve had during all the other months of winter!  That said, this time of year is most perilous for a cycle commuter…not because of cars, but because of all the other stuff Spring sends in its wake.  Therefore, I believe there are three absolute necessities that all Spring Cyclists should have:

3.  Fender – duh.  Ok, that’s not a controversial item by any stretch of the imagination, but I should tell you that I absolutely own a fender, but it happens to be a detachable/temporary one.  Truthfully, it interrupts the sleek line of my beat-up old Panasonic-racing-bike-turned-commuter-bike, so I always keep it stored next to my bike until I need it (rainy, snowy, wet days).  Inevitably I am late for some meeting or other gathering, and I rush out on said wet day…only to arrive huffing, puffing, and with a rooster tail up my back to show how hardcore I am that I actually rode in this weather.  (I promise it’s not on purpose!)

2.  Lobster gloves – I love love love my Pearl Izumi Lobsters.  If you don’t have a pair, get some!  Not only are they perfect for holding handlebars while braking and shifting, but they freak anyone out who is not a cyclist.  “What is wrong with your hands???”  Another plus?  You can practice your Spock greeting with no trouble at all.  I find these gloves to be not only winter necessities but spring ones also because the weather can fluctuate 30+ degrees in one day and these darlings are ready for it.

1.  A Sense of Humor – ok, I know that sounds super cliche, but really, if you’re cycling this time of year (especially in Denver), you’d better be ready to laugh off a freak snowstorm, sweaty sunshine, and mud splatters all in one day!


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