It’s the little things

Funny how life changes when you have a mini-me to worry about.  What used to be reckless abandon riding to and fro around town is now very calculated, well-prepared, and usually solo because someone has to stay home with V.  However, last week we finally got our tandem out again thanks to amazing sister-in-law Laura for watching little critter while we went out for lunch.  Ah the freedom!  Good old rusty blue clunker!  (note…must get good tandem…)

Ah ha, but now our lives have changed a little bit more since we invested in a Thule Cougar Chariot!  Yes!  This wonderful thing that is a bike carrier where you strap baby in and off into the sunset you go!  Of course, V is just 8 months old now, so we are ultra-cautious about riding her around town.  We only take side streets where no cars drive and we ride together, so that one of us is always the defensive blocker, protecting the chariot from any drivers texting or talking on their phones, because, let’s face it, those are the drivers who scare us all the most.

Bicycle freedom is returning.  It might be different, but it’s still those little things that keep smiles on our faces, especially now that V has decided the world is far too interesting to have time to sleep.  Sigh.


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