A piece of heaven: on top of Last Dollar Pass in Telluride, Colorado.

My husband Kovas and I like to ride our bikes.  A lot.  We live in the beautiful state of Colorado…and we ride our bicycles everywhere – to work, to the grocery store, to church, to REI, to the gym, to Home Depot, to Christmas parties, and of course, around different countries.  So Kovas actually got me into cycling, since before we met I had an old Schwinn that was far too small for me and just so darn hard to ride.  Plus, I lived in the Chicago suburbs where sidewalks are like some kind of endangered species (only now that I’m a savvy Denver city cyclist do I know that sidewalks are for walking not riding).  I later learned that my Schwinn was so difficult to ride because I never knew enough to fill up the tires (duh) and it was *GASP* made of uber-heavy steel or something like that.  Then Kovas came along and suddenly I was transported into the heavenly bicycle world of titanium and carbon fiber.  We’re really mountain bikers (plenty of adventures to share there too), but in 2009 we decided to fulfill a dream of traveling to our ancestral home of Lithuania (Lietuva) and riding our bikes around, through, and across the country.  And thus…our bicycle touring addiction began and with it came a whole new set of adventures, a new way of traveling, and a whole new way of connecting with the places and people we were visiting.  After a few years of listening to our families beg us to document online our travels, stories, photos, and insights, I finally succombed and here we are.  I hope you enjoy our adventures and laugh at our mistakes and encounters…there are many!  Oh, and if you’re ever interested in doing a trip like this yourself, feel free to contact me.  I’m happy to offer whatever words of wisdom I might have.  And of course, since we can’t be traveling every day of the year, as awesome as that would be, I’ve got regular posts highlighting days in the lives of bicycle junkies (or at least what it’s like being married to one).


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