The Trips

Kovas and I have ridden three cycling trips so far and have many more planned throughout our lifetimes.  We are very democratic about choosing our next adventure, but for 2013 we are trying to avoid the Atlantic (non-Europe).  Our dream is to someday ride New Zealand (preferably both islands) when we can scrounge up enough vacation days.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to send me a note or comment!

September, 2010 – Lithuania (no idea how many kilometers/miles), 14 days

Our first cycling trip and very experimental.  Minimal planning, no odometers (i.e. bike computers), no iPod/communication device, and brand new gear.  Read about it in the “Lithuania” category. 

May/June 2011 – Ireland (1750 km/1,087 miles), 3 weeks

A very ambitious, though definitely fun trip.  We over-planned our destinations and routes before arriving in-country.  We underestimated the roads, weather, and terrain and overestimated our abilities to ride long distances in these conditions.  Long story short, Ireland is a tough ride due to the wind, rain, and steep roads.  It is also incredibly beautiful, has the friendliest people, and great pubs to relax in after a long, cold ride.  We ended the trip with a wrapped up knee, and four taped-up Achilles Tendons.  Read about it in the “Ireland” category. 

July/August 2012 – Germany, Austria, & Italy (1236.32 km/768 miles), 3.5 weeks

Finally getting it right…we had to carry two atlases (Italia Nord and Centro as well as excerpts from the Germany and Austria atlas), but we planned a good combination of cities and countryside, where in the cities we stayed an extra day or two to explore and rest.  The routes were largely unplanned with only general direction in mind.  Traveling central/southern Italy in July/August is brutally hot, however, and Italians themselves take August off for vacation (even Romans!), so many restaurants and places to stay were closed (FYI).  The Italian, German, and Austrian Alps in July are mild though rainy.  Nothing like Ireland, however…  Read about it in the “Germany, Austria, and Italy” category.


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